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Global Startup Battles | 30th March 2024

Who should enter the Global Startups Battle?

"A Platform like this is ideal for Entrepreneurs who are seeking exposure to the startup community in other nations. It increases the startups visibility internationally, which is beneficial for market access. Such Initiatives will inspire & support existing Entrepreneurs by facilitating them in scaling up their operations & encouraging more people to join the league."

This additional event is powered by Global Startup Summit 2024 & Mojo Startup Consulting. 

Who can compete in the Global Startup Battles?
Companies that are bootstrapped or has received pre-seed, seed, funding are permitted to compete in the wars.

Why should someone enter the Global Startup Battles?

The winner of the penultimate physical event will also get marketed in Press releases & Event partnerships worth INR 7.5 lacs at Global Startup Summit | Delhi NCR  in Bengaluru 2024

The pitch will be of 4 min., and the feedback will follow for 4 min. as well.

The following standards will be used to evaluate the participants:

1. Team:

In early stages, investors make investments in people. Judges give special attention to the "Founding Team" as a result. They are searching for a team that is diverse, complementary, & capable of implementation—a team that can accomplish its goals & that its goals are sufficiently ambitious.

2. Market Analysis:

Characteristics of the market & description of its customers. The judges want to discover how well-versed you are in the marketplace. How well are you able to identify and define the issue you are trying to solve? You must be aware of your competition & effectively express how you stack up against them.

3. Product or Service Analysis:

It's critical to define your product so the jury can see how it tackles the market issue being addressed in a novel way. It is essential to have a working MVP.

4. Competition:

Support our Panel Assessing your potential & chances of success understanding who will compete with you for clients. Understanding the value propositions of your rivals will help you analyze the main challenges to your position in the market.

5. Soft Skills:

Founders should be assertive & transparent. The panel will be debating whether Founder can effectively sell company's Vision.

Application process for Global Startup Battles powered by Mojo Startup

Global Startup Battles is powered by:

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Event Disclaimer

  • The Venture Capitalist panel selected are professional companies who have cut several cheques in past 2 yrs.

  • The Judging team do not guarantee an investment into the winning company right away or even in future, the event needs to be considered for feedback and for start of funding purposes only.

  • In cases where the investors are interested in Funding the startup - there will still be a detailed due diligence process

  • All the legal processes & term sheets requirements in relation to the funding will be done post event based on due diligence.

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